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Shows of the Desert

Available soon: Shows of the Desert.

With their first release, "songs of the desert", an album of songs and music from classic Laurel and Hardy movies, the Avalon Boys quickly gained global recognition.

"Avalon Road", an album of original music released in September 2002, was equally well received. With their trademark close vocal harmonies, sparkling musical interplay and strong melodies they feature regularly on BBC Radio 2 and performed at Conventions and festivals including the World Convention of the Laurel and Hardy Organisation before headlining the Woodgreenstock Music Festival in July 2003.

The Avalon Boys appear in a Radio 2 documentary on Laurel and Hardy, narrated by Sir Norman Wisdom, to be broadcast June 2006 and have been invited to appear at the 2007 Laurel and Hardy convention in Derby (to be confirmed).